The SM Store is a founding retail center and the ICT & Business Services Providers Aimed at providing a variety of affordable, quality brands as well as excellent and ICT & Business service to our customers

Being the #1 online shopping community in Tanzania of its Kind,
A pure marketplace model, SM Store connects buyers and sellers and enables them to make safe and Successful transactions in all product categories at customer desire time!

Time being the Core factor of our STORE we allow Sellers to Post a Deal/Discount Products/Services and the Buyers will get a TOKEN/COUPONS that will give him a chance to Pay an ITEM/goods at DISCOUNTED website PRICE.

We allow Freedom of Paying and Collecting Desired goods/items at a customer specified Time on the Offered Products/Services.

Our founders believe that the SM STORE will break time barriers, transform lives, and change the way business is done.

Therefore, we want to empower local entrepreneurs by helping them take their businesses online and by making shopping easy and accessible to everyone at a desired time!

That is why the SMART approach is so essential to our business, to the extent that it defines us in both name and methodology.


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